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« on: June 04, 2016, 01:54:28 AM »
A year has passed since the shutdown of the original VON website, at the time known as TRIUMPHANTEJACULATIONSOCIALIST. At the time there were numerous reasons for the deactivation, however it was my intention to revive the community at some point in the future. With that in mind, I created a database backup of the forum, a backup consisting of almost three years worth of posts, topics, and users.

After a period, the time seemed right to revive the forum. Unfortunately, all previous database backups have since perished, largely due to my own carelessness. Although unfortunate, this provides a unique opportunity to rebuild the community we worked so hard to create. After all this time, I declare VON:TES well and truly dead and offer you the newest incarnation of the community known primarily as VictoryOrgasmNazi. This is the new VON, and the new TriumphantEjaculationSocialist. I present VON-TES.

At this moment in time I have sent email through the original VON website to inform previous members of the new incarnation, however there are still many left to the wind. As such, I encourage all members, old and new, to invite those they think are worthy of our elite ranks. We shall rebuild and become better than ever.

On a serious note, I need some people to help out with .css and other bullshit like that. Levi was my go-to guy but he's been MIA for all this time, so I need a replacement until such time I can track him down, beat him, and force him back to his old job.

Please post all thoughts and suggestions pertaining to the new site here. All are welcum.

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