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Divna Ljubojević
« on: June 10, 2016, 01:50:05 PM »
Divna Ljubojević is an eastern Orthodox singer and conductor of Christian sacred music. Similar to gregorian chant for our purposes but y'know; not Catholic.
She is the founder and director of the Melodi ensemble.
(also a qt)

My shit is encoded in flac but if you like it and want smaller files I can convert.

Divna - Mystéres Byzantins(2004) [flac]

Divna And Melodi Choir - Lumières Du Chant Byzantin(2008) [flac]

Divna et le Choeur Melodi - L'Ame du Chant Orthodoxe(2010) [flac]

Divna Ljubojevic & Melodi Choir - La Divine Liturgie de Saint Jean Chrysostome(2008) [flac]

VA - The Glory Of Byzantium (2006) [flac]

In Search of Divine Light (2014)
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