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January 04, 2017, 02:13:57 AM by LiplessDoggie
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Bringing the site back online to address the issues ongoing at metalthrone.that is all. please notify me of any issues with the von:tes site since di made some changes before taking the site down. i'll probably be AWOL for a while but I'll make the effort to at least lurk here to provide technical support.

to address the shut down of this site recently, the entire reason behind it hinged on the fact that most (all) users here posted on metalthrone and this wasn't really a site that had anything new to offer in that regard, thus i thought von was irrelevant, and thus it was shut down. given the current situation, i thought it'd be  prudent to bring it back online, possibly temporarily if crowdgather gets their shit together, or maybe not. it depends on the outcome and other developments.

that is all.
November 07, 2016, 06:03:06 AM by LiplessDoggie
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 I contacted the host for the site and inquired about accessing a backup of the old site/database. Unfortunately three years is too long a time period and the files were purged some time ago.

 TriumphantEjaculationSocialist has well and truly passed from this world into memory. Rip In Pizza.

In other news, I am going to give the site a facelift and reorganise/restructure everything in the coming days. Holding onto the ghost of an old, dead community with members who have wandered off ages ago is depressing and the site needs new paint to reflect the shift away from the past. It's a skeleton as it is, and I'm less inclined to participate someplace that reminds me of things that were lost in the annals of time.

When this forum was founded on ZetaBoard all those years ago (in the wake of tyrannical oppression) I intended it to be a community driven by the mentality and ideologies of the expatriates from MetalThrone.  That is, I meant VON to be a community without definitive leadership, driven and policed by the members themselves. Along with very loose, basic rules to prevent legal entanglements and a wicked screening process to effectively maintain our kvlt userbase and weed out the normies who wandered in on accident, this was essentially the intended hierarchy and nature of the site. My role was originally limited to basic maintenance of the forum, cleaning spam, etc, and I would like to revert to that limited role. I'm tired of attempting to spearhead rejuvenation and basic activity (fruitlessly), and I would appreciate advice and ideas on how to generate and maintain content on a consistent basis.

If anybody has any suggestions, please make them. Also I'm willing to appoint a second administrator to assist me with the changes (my .css is shit and I'm using hotel internet for the foreseeable future). This role may be semi-permanent as I may in fact drop off the face of the earth occasionally. It will, like my own, be a role limited to primarily maintaining the site and basic janitorial duties

I have said before, I paid for two years hosting on this bitch (frankly the money aspect is irrelevant, it's the fact that I have this fucking hosting plan for TWO YEARS with no idea of what to do with it apart from what you're looking at). I'd like to put this hosting plan to use and not have it waste away, while (re)building a community of weirdos, black metal nerds, and doomfags. If any of you think the continuation/restructuring/transmutation of von|tes is futile, please let me know and offer advice on how I ought to utilize this hosting package (apart from pornography, I mean)

Fresh blood is also necessary for the future of the site, but without incentive we'll never attract (promising) newbs. This is probably the primary reason for the ongoing stagnance of this site; quality longtime members leave and disappear and nobody picks up the torch, which just means the userbase grows smaller and smaller and more and more tired of routine. I encourage you to invite fresh blood at your discretion, at this stage in the reemergence it'd be ideal.

 tl;dr, I wanna dick around and revive von:tes as a new entity, unfettered by the old community we built and lost years ago. and I need help (suggestions, ideas, criticism) please.

list of intended changes
-consolidation/rearrangement of subforums, parent categories, etc
-removal of shoutbox (temporary)
-complete redesign of default forum theme; replacement of default header image
-additional bbcode
-various minor cosmetic changes related to usergroups, profile fields
-reintroduction of "elite" usergroup and related privileges (sanctum, filesharing subforum)
-implementation of logistical/optimization plugins
-adjustment of security functions
-alter member registration process

-addition of incorporated blog function, allowing members to post articles, etc, incorporating the forum software

feel free to address any and all of these changes. also feel free to suggest removal of or additional adjustments.
June 26, 2016, 07:59:38 AM by LiplessDoggie
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